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Solar PV Support


With prices for 8 Solar panels starting at €5000 (net payment after grant) you could see savings between €700 and €1500 per annum on electricity costs. Specific savings would be based on your existing energy consumption, your existing tariffs, which supplier you are with and some other factors. We would calculate your estimated savings using your current bills as part of our tailored install plan and quote.

This is a common misconception around solar panels. In fact our solar PV panels come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. EcoVolt also offers a 2 year warranty on all installation work carried out by us. Once installed correctly your Solar panels should operate and generate power for your home or business maintenance free for 20+ years.

The amount of power generated depends on the number of panels installed. EcoVolt recommends a minimum of 8 Solar panels which will be enough to power a standard busy home. In some cases additional energy will be created in excess of what is needed to power the home. This additional power can be stored in a battery or sold back to the grid.

While batteries can be expensive, not all solar systems require a battery. Some customers choose to have a battery which will store generated electricity and enable this to be used at night. Should you decide you don’t want a battery, you can choose to sell any excess power generated back to the grid. Battery life will range from 10 to 20 years depending on make and model. We work with Huawei and Soltaro models which are some of the best on the market.

Not exactly, Solar PV panels utilize daylight to convert light into energy. As Ireland would have longer daylight hours from April till September, it is then that the Solar panels work best. In winter time, with less daylight hours you can expect approx a 40 – 50% reduction in generation.

Customers can sell surplus electricity back to their electricity supplier. Similar to selecting a supplier you can shop around providers for the best offered rate as rates would be different from one utility supplier to another. There are currently some restrictions on the amount of energy that can be sold back and you would need a smart meter along with certified documentation and notification sent to ESB Networks prior to the fitting of the panels. 

A device called a “Hot Water Diverter” can be fitted to your existing immersion tank that will turn on the immersion and only use excess solar energy. This device is extremely effective from April right through to September and can provide a full tank of hot water from solar which reduces heating bills if you heat water using gas or oil.

Most Solar systems will pay for themselves in on average 4 to 6 years however, if the cost of gas and electricity continues to rise as it is predicted to do, this means a Solar system could not only pay for itself but also safeguard your home against rising fuel costs and potential shortages.

There is a generous grant to assist with the purchase and installation  of Solar PV as a way to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. The solar PV grant is provided by the SEAI and information can be found Here

No, you will not need planning permission for residential solar panels in Ireland once they cover less than 12 square meters and are at 50 cm away from the edge of your roof. An expert supplier and installer like EcoVolt can advise you further. 

EV Ceramic Electric Radiators Support


There are a number of benefits of EV rads over storage heaters detailed below.
The main differences are that while Storage heaters use cheaper night-time electricity tariffs they are far more expensive to run
overall. Additionally they tend to be bulky and lack the ability to be controlled tightly and they offer you no influence over the
distribution of heat. Compared to newer electric heating, storage heaters offer poor energy efficiency as the heater begins to
lose heat as soon as it’s stored. Storage heaters will typically provide insufficient heat on particularly cold days as they need to
be set a day in advance and they can agitate allergies and stain walls due to dust deposits above the appliance as the hot air
rises around it. Electric radiators in comparison use built-in energy management systems offering nearly 70% lower running costs than storage heaters. They are more streamlined and environmentally friendly and the enclosed heating elements prevent blackening and
staining of walls and ensures better air quality. Our electric radiators feature precision temperature controls and built in
thermostats to maintain a set temperature in the room. You set the temperature you want in the room and the heater’s smart
technology will turn the rad on when the temperature goes below this and automatically turn them off when the desired
temperature is reached. This technology makes electric radiators among the most energy efficient and low cost heating
solutions available.

Ceramic heating plates heat up extremely fast and cool down very slow only using about 15 – 25 minutes of electricity per hour. Our table below
shows average running costs: 

The radiators come with 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. In the packing, you will find a folder to register your radiator online. Once the registration is completed, the warranty is automatically extended to 2 years. A proof of purchase is required to validate all warranty issues.

Yes like every business we offer discounts to our customers but not on single purchases. For multiple orders and installation costs we can offer discounts. Just talk to us.

There are a number of ways the EVrads can be controlled. They can be controlled manually via the control panel on each rad.
EVRad can also be controlled using smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home or via the TUYA smartlife APP. The app also provides functions such as child lock and window/door open alert.

As a general rule we usually tell our customers that they require 100 watts of heat per meter square of space. See size guidelines below:

Yes, however we do recommend having them installed into a spur on the wall. This ensures they are
always on standby and can operate effectively. You simply set the temperature you want and allow them
to operate in the background. Installing them directly into the electricity system prevents them being inadvertently unplugged and ensures they are connected to your app and controllable at all times. We can quote for install of the rads or they can be installed by any qualified electrician.

Depending on the building fabric and insulation of the room it would typically take approximately 40 minutes to heat the room from cold and then after that only use between 15 – 25 minutes of electricity per hour. The EV rads maintain a set room temperature preventing any major fluctuations from hot to cold.

How long would it take for you to fit out a 3 bedroom house with your system?
Generally one day for a full home install. The EV rads are also very popular and effective for granny flats,
garden rooms and log cabins.

Yes we do. Through our merchant service partner and Stripe we can accept your payment over the phone or simply shop and pay via our online shop.