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Exhaust Air Heat Pump Hot Water System with CMEV Function

  • The EcoVolt H2o uses a powerful fan to pull air from bathrooms, kitchens and the atmosphere. This air flows across an evaporator containing a low temperature, low pressure refrigerant.
  • The heat in the air is transferred to the refrigerant via the evaporator, then released into the atmosphere. The air leaving the system is now cold, due to the heat being drawn from it into the refrigerant.
  • The refrigerant having extracted the heat from the air, then moves to the panasonic compressor, which increases the refrigerants pressure & temperature.
  • This high pressure, high temperature refrigerant travels from the compressor to the condenser coil inside the tank. The heat from the refrigerant transfers to the water via the coil.
  • Having transferred the heat to the water, the refrigerant returns to a low temperature and pressure, and reverts to the evaporator.
  • The cycle continues until the refrigerant has transferred enough heat to bring the stored water to its desired temperature.
  • Once the water has reached the desired temperature, the EcoVolt H2o will switch off.


Exhaust Air Heat Pump hot water system with Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (CMEV)

  • With 2 models available for selection (180L and 270L) the H20 is the designer’s choice to comply with the new nZEB regulations. Fitted with new functions and improved components the H20 can operate as a hot water and ventilation system in one. Delivering excellent efficiency in its class, the H20 makes building compliance easy when entered on the SEAI DEAP portal. Our quick and easy guide on how to enter on DEAP using test data from our EN16147 certificates is available from our website.


The H20 Exhaust Air Heat Pump

Is part of the suite of innovative products created by EcoVolt for the homes of the future. Everything we do is powered by clean green electricity that can be generated from renewable sources like solar PV and battery storage systems. All our products collectively are a must for all high-performance buildings that conform to the nZEB and Passive House Standard.


CMEV Function

The CMEV function of the H20 allows the product to comply with the 2019 Part F Irish building regulations for ventilation. One of the approved ventilation strategies under the regulations is continuous mechanical extract ventilation or CMEV for short. Based on the ventilation design the commissioning engineer can set the fan speed using the selector switch and secure with the sealed cover. The fan inside the H20 will continue to run at the set speed to continuously extract from the wet rooms. The settings for the selector switch is OFF / Low Speed / Medium Speed / High Speed. The ventilation rates for the fan are as follows in litres per second 126 / 183 / 226.

EcoVolt H2o Benefits


The product comes with an A++ energy rated label and is a renewable energy product as certified by TUV SUD.


Uses up to 70% less energy than a traditional electric immersion cylinder.


Low standing losses of 0.97 kWh /24h


2 sizes available to suit small apartments to large family homes.